Youth Ministry 101: Events Planning

Even if you've never planned an event before, this download can help! It takes you through the whole process, from beginning to end, and helps you think of the details you may look over.

Included in this download are:

  • Budget
  • Steering Committee
  • Financial Accountability Worksheet
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Master Timeline
  • Planning Worksheet
  • Schedule Sample
  • Speakers/Artist Representative
  • Checklist for Staff Assignments
  • Event Staff: Director
  • Event Staff: Meeting Planner
  • Event Staff: Sound Engineer
  • Event Staff: Volunteer Coordinator
  • Event Staff: Program Coordinator
  • Event Staff: Registration Coordinator
  • Event Staff: Task Master
  • Event Staff: Task Master Sample
  • Evaluation Worksheet

Some worksheets may not be needed for smaller events.