The True Wesleyan - 1848


Fairfield and Ripley Ct., Alleg. Conf. May 1, 1848
Brother Lee:--Will you grant us a small place in your columns, to say to your readers that the Lord is visiting us in this corner of his vineyard, for which we have reason to be grateful. We have laid down our farming and shop utensils, (which are very necessary companions for the locality), and have been holding a series of meetings in Fairfield and Ripley, which have resulted in the conversion and reclaiming of between 29 and 30. We were invited to Fairfield by a Quaker, who was a great help to us in our meeting. The Spirit moved at every opportunity for speaking, and he was among the first to invite his neighbors to Christ. We have organized an interesting church there, consisting of 11 members all heads of families who bid fair to prove excellent members. Some of the brethren of other churches, have been very friendly, and assisted us in holding our meeting.
In Ripley, their prejudice seems to be gradually dying away, and our prospects of the whole are brightening. The church has been revived, 6 have professed faith in Christ and more are still inquiring the way to Zion. Our prayer is, that the work may still go on until many more shall be brought to Christ, and the prejudice which is hanging over the minds of some, may be swept away, and the principles of the Gospel take effect, have free course and be glorified. This cannot be brought about by a storm of denunciations and harsh words, but by preaching Christ. Our principles should be fully taught, but it should be done in love. "Love only can the conquest win, the strength of sin subdue." Oh, for more of this spirit,--the tide of opposition would recede, and truth would become triumphant. Yours for Christ, John Bell, (The True Wesleyan, May 13, 1848 Vol. VI No. 20)








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