Building Faith Kids Extended: Preteens

Knowing God’s Truth: Advanced Christian Concepts for Preteens

Preteens will be able to:

  • Recite the books of the Old Testament
  • Use a concordance and Bible dictionary
  • Consecrate their lives to God
  • Rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance.
  • Tell a friend how to be born again.
  • Demonstrate a Christlike attitude.
  • Create guidelines to use for making decisions.
  • Participate in ministry.

Leaders Guide: Includes age-appropriate biblical concepts, memory verses for each lesson, session preparation guides, activity options, prayer focus, action point, an assessment tool, and age level insights. Ideal for 4th grade through 6th grade.

Student Book: Reproducible accompanying teaching tool for each of the 52 lessons on God, Jesus, the Bible, Salvation, The Church, Self, and The Christian Life covered in the “Knowing God’s Truth Leader’s Guide”. Side one is an in-class interactive tool to help a child process and assimilate the lesson content. Side two is a take-home piece for families to have devotional, prayer time, and Scripture memory ideas on the concept for the week.

Building Faith Extended: Additional FREE downloadable lessons that “extend” and compliment each lesson in the Building Faith Kids Preteens Book: Knowing God’s Truth. Use these short lessons for your midweek devotional or combine with songs or other worship elements to fill your kids’ worship time.

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