Wesleyan Publishing House

Mission Statement

WPH will be a leader in communicating the message of holiness through the publication of quality resources for local churches and ministries around the world.

Vision Statement

Communicate the life-transforming message of holiness to the world!

Core Values

Value of our customers: WPH strives to build a partnership and trust with each customer by providing excellent service and meeting the customer's unique resource needs.

Value of our employees: WPH strives to encourage and promote employees by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth and by rewarding their contributions to our mission and ministry with praise and affirmation.

Value of our resources: WPH strives to utilize resources fully and to maintain financial stewardship in order to provide opportunities for future ministry.

Value of excellence: WPH strives to nurture an atmosphere of high expectation that emphasizes continual improvement in quality, value, and best solutions for those we serve.


Can you give me information on a certain WPH product?

Yes, you can call us at 1.800.493.7539 or E-mail us at wph@wesleyan.org

Can I get an update on my account?

Yes, you many E-mail wph@wesleyan.org and a WPH Ministry Resource Consultant will assist you.

Can I pay off my account with a credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover

I can't find the resource I'm looking for. Now what?

If your search for the resource you are looking for does not give you the desired results, you may E-mail wph@wesleyan.org or call 1.800.493.7539 and a WPH Ministry Resource Consultant can help you pursue other possibilities.

Can I receive my pastor's discount when I order through WPH Online?

The 20% Pastor's discount is for catalog and in-stock merchandise only. It does not apply to special orders or WPH Online.

Can I charge my WPH Online purchase to my Wesleyan Publishing House account?

Unfortunately no. WPH Online orders, like other online stores, require payment at the time the order is placed. Call 1.800.493.7539 and a WPH Ministry Resource Consultant will be glad to assist you with a catalog or special order.

There was an error in my last order.

Contact a WPH Ministry Resource Consultant and explain the error in detail. Please have available your account number, order/invoice number, and any pertinent information.

Can you send or E-mail us an order blank?

Yes, we will need your current mailing address.

Regularly order items are not on the curriculum order form. Can I still order them?

Yes, include the information in the "Question" box at the bottom of the order form.

What is the status of my order?

You may call 1.800.493.7539 and a WPH Ministry Resource Consultant will track the order for you.