7 Saving Graces: Living Above the Deadly Sins

Nearly everybody struggles against the same, predictable urges that have plagued human beings since the Garden of Eden. We aspire to rule rather than serve, desire things more than God, resent the successes of others, and run away from hard things. As a result, we suffer unfulfilled lives, lack contentment, and can never seem to get a handle on how to improve our lot.

In this powerful book on personal spiritual change, Steve DeNeff unlocks the seven secrets to a life filled with purpose, contentment, and a strong sense of well-being. Keying on the seven most common spiritual problems that we all face—the seven deadly sins—DeNeff points the way toward life transformation by embracing the virtue-filled life of the Spirit. Readers will experience practical life changes as they learn how to cooperate with God—changing what they do as he changes who they are.

Includes guide for personal or group study.

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Steve DeNeff profile
Steve DeNeff profile