Common Ground

What do Christians believe?

Many young Christians today cannot fully answer this question. In contrast to previous generations, today's believers were not taught the basic core beliefs of Christianity as children, but they want to know. They need to know. Common Ground by Keith Drury caters to this rising desire for doctrinal knowledge. Using the Apostle's Creed as its guide, the book beautifully describes the core beliefs that Christians at all times and all places throughout the world have believed.

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KEITH DRURY is the chair of the Early Ministry Launch Initiative in The Division of Education and Clergy Development for The Wesleyan Church. He worked at The Wesleyan Church Headquarters for twenty-four years directing Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Christian Education. Now he teaches at Indiana Wesleyan University. He is author of more than a dozen books on practical spirituality, including Holiness for Ordinary People, now in its 25th anniversary edition, Soul Shaper, Gather, and is coauthor of Ageless Faith and The Story of The Wesleyan Church.