Duckville (SoulShift for Children and Youth)

Shift your beliefs . . . and fly!

Adam the duck is heading south for the winter like he does every year when a terrible storm forces him to land in the nice little town of Duckville.

But when the local tour guide Derek proudly shows Adam around town and introduces him to Duckville ducks, Adam starts to realize these ducks are not what he would expect. Most amazing of all is that for as long as anyone can remember, no Duckville duck has ever flown!

Adam is a duck with very good ideas, and his new friend Derek is glad to listen. But if a Duckville duck is ever going to fly, things will have to change—beliefs will have to shift.

Duckville by David Drury and Daniel Swartz (illustrator) is a parable based on seven truths of spiritual transformation, explained and explored in the bookSoulShift: The Measure of a Life Transformed (by Steve DeNeff and David Drury, Wesleyan Publishing House).

This story is designed not only as entertainment, but also as a SoulShift resource for family ministry both in church and at home, for preschool- and early-elementary-aged children.

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Duckville book cover
Duckville book cover