Faith-Filled Moments: Helping Kids See God in Everyday Life

In Faith-Filled Moments, Kelli B. Trujillo offers parents creative ideas for transforming kids' everyday experiences into avenues of life-changing connection with God. Unlike scheduled family devotion times, these transforming encounters can be woven into any moment of the day. Plus, the multi-sensory ideas in Faith-Filled Moments include a wide variety of approaches, like games, crafts, cooking, object lessons, drawing, and encounters with nature, as well as everyday activities like riding in the car, walking, getting dressed, reading, listening to music, or bathing.

With activities aimed at reaching a child's heart, soul, mind, and strength (Deut. 6:4-9; Mark 12:30), this book will help you to impress God's Word upon your children's hearts as you interact with them in daily life.

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