Real Identity

One of the most unique devotionals I have ever read—it is one that disciples the soul—Barnum clothes Scripture texts with the real lives of twenty-first-century people. Out of this lens comes the brilliance of Jesus in all His beauty and compelling ways. Each section calls for stopping and pondering. The result will be a new level of listening to God.

—Jo Anne Lyon, general superintendent, The Wesleyan Church

Thad Barnum leads his readers through engaging devotional reflections into the soul's most personal crossroads—those profound occasions where the Bible intersects a life. In each four-page reading, Barnum artfully connects the truth of Biblical story to his own (and ours), revealing and modeling the way of an authentic disciple.

In Real Identity, Barnum guides us at our own pace through key passages of Genesis, asking us to think deeply on some of life's biggest questions: Who is God? Who am I? And why am I? Likewise he challenges us to consider the implications of life's biggest answers: God hears. God cares. God acts on our behalf.

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THADDEUS BARNUM is senior pastor of Church of the Apostles in Fairfield, Connecticut, and serves with his wife Erilynne on the board for call2disciple. He is the author of Real Love and Real Mercy.