Waypoint: Navigating Your Spiritual Journey

Oksana is on a spiritual journey she never saw coming. There are many paths she can take, but that doesn't help her know where she is going. Even though it's her personal path, she needs some direction. She needs to find a waypoint.

Author Bob Whitesel follows Oksana's journey, engagingly mapping out her life's quest as an allegorical GPS for each of us on a spiritual journey. From whatever uniquely personal direction you might be coming, there are waypoints that every spiritual traveler must realize in order to progress toward a meaningful life. And as Whitesel openly and sensitively reveals, whatever personal way each of us follows, everyone must find these same points.

While Waypoint offers direct guidance to seekers, Whitesel's earlier book, Spiritual Waypoints, provides guidance for leaders who want to help seekers find their way. Purchase the Waypoint Reading Group Kit and get FREE access to online resources!

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