Gather: Why God Calls His People Together

God Transforms His People in Community

It seems that every follower of Christ at times becomes frustrated with his people. Many Christians become so frustrated with the church as an institution that they seek alternative forms of church or drop out of church altogether.

But the truth is that we gather as a church because God has called us into community. And there are aspects of the Christian life that can only be learned while participating in worship and fellowship with other believers. In Gather: Why God Calls His People Together, Keith Drury shows how God uses Christian community and corporate worship to shape our lives and grow us spiritually.

In whatever form of Christian community you participate, this book will guide you into the disciplines of Christian community and worship, show you how to participate effectively, and prepare your heart and life for the transformation of the Holy Spirit.

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Corporate Prayer: Becoming a Praying People Scripture: Hearing the Word

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Keith Drury is author of more than a dozen books on practical spirituality, including Holiness for Ordinary People, now in its 25th anniversary edition, Soul Shaper, Common Ground, and coauthor of Ageless Faith. Keith is associate professor emeritus of religion at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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