The Wesleyan Hour 2008


God wants to reveal himself to you today my friend. He wants you to know His love, His grace, and His forgiveness.

Dr. Norman Wilson "The Holy Spirit Conviction January 06, 2008"


Play The Holy Spirit Conviction 01/06/2008

Play The Penitent's Conversion 01/13/2008

Play The Christian Consecration 01/20/2008

Play The Converted Man's Conflict 01/27/2008


Play Empty-Looking For Purpose 02/03/2008

Play Lonely-Looking For Love 02/10/2008

Play Guilty-Looking For Forgiveness 02/17/2008

Play Afraid-Looking For Peace 02/24/2008


Play The Greatest Change 03/02/2008

Play The Garden-The Place Of Decision 03/09/2008

Play The Cross-The Pledge Of Death 03/16/2008

Play The Empty Tomb-The Promise Of Deliverance 03/23/2008

Play The Wrong Side Of Easter 03/30/2008


Play Man's Universal Search 04/06/2008

Play The Search For Accomplishment 04/13/2008

Play The Search For Peace 04/20/2008

Play The Search For Tomorrow 04/27/2008


Play How To Pray Part 1 05/04/2008

Play How To Pray Part 2 05/11/2008

Play How To Give 05/18/2008

Play How To Live Without Worry 05/25/2008


Play Where It All Started 06/01/2008

Play A Great Mystery 06/08/2008

Play From Creation To Corruption 06/15/2008

Play Man Can Be Saved

Play Last Show-If You Could Live Your Life Over 06/28/2008