The Wesleyan Hour 2007


Remember in every choice there are at least two alternatives and for every decisions there are eternal consequences.

Dr. Norman Wilson "Facing the Tough Choices October 14, 2007"


Play The Greatest Mistake 01/07/2007

Play The Greatest Salvation 01/14/2008

Play How To Live Without Worry 05/25/2008

Play The Greatest Story 01/28/2007


Play Decisions That Determine Destiny 02/04/2007

Play Choosing A Companion 02/11/2007

Play Acting On The Best Advise 02/18/2007

Play Facing The Tough Choices 02/25/2007


Play The Cure For Discouragement 03/04/2007

Play The Cure For Loneliness 03/11/2007

Play The Cure For Fear 03/18/2007

Play The Cure Of Guilt 03/25/2007


Play The Wounded Healer 04/01/2007

Play Weighing The Evidence 04/08/2007

Play The Wrong Side Of Easter 04/15/2007

Play Instantaneous Miracles 04/22/2007

Play Divine Healing 04/29/2007


Play Peter A Piece Of The Rock Part 1 05/06/2007

Play Peter A Piece Of The Rock Part 2 05/13/2007

Play James & John Sons Of Thunder 05/20/2007

Play Andrew Second Stringer 05/27/2007


Play The Mystery Called Prayer 06/03/2007

Play Kingdoms In Conflict 06/10/2007

Play Evidence Of The Invisible 06/17/2007

Play Christ Our Hope 06/24/2007


Play Made A Minister 07/01/2007

Play To The Unseen Congregation 07/08/2007

Play The Chart And The Rudder 07/15/2007

Play Creation Completed 07/22/2007

Play The Violent Solution 07/29/2007


Play Taking The High Road 08/05/2007

Play How To Enjoy Your Job 08/12/2007

Play The Crisis At Home 08/19/2007

Play What To Do When Time Is Running Out 08/26/2007


Play The Invitation 09/02/2007

Play Hannah Mother Homemaker 09/09/2007

Play The Homes Of The Rich And Famous 09/16/2007

Play A Home With Missing Parents 09/23/2007

Play Where He Was Neglected 09/30/2007

October - Best of 2007

Play Whose Son Are You 10/07/2007

Play Facing The Tough Choices 10/14/2007

Play The Cure For Loneliness 10/21/2007

Play Andrew Second Stringer 10/28/2007


Play The Greatest Comfort 11/04/2007

Play The Greatest Contrast 11/11/2007

Play The Greatest Lesson 11/18/2007

Play The Greatest Wonder 11/25/2007


Play Who Is Jesus 12/02/2007

Play Son Of God 12/09/2007

Play Son Of Man 12/16/2007

Play Christmas 12/23/2007

Play The Natural Man's Condition 12/30/2007