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CHP is a local church health assessment tool, designed to give your congregation a snapshot of its overall strengths and weaknesses for "fulfilling the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment". Collective input from local leaders and members who complete the survey will yield valuable insights about a dozen areas of missional vitality. Churches using CHP also get free access to our Church Health Fitness Center, where they can visit "workout rooms" to customize their own church health fitness plans.

CHP's 120 questions (ten per health factor) take about 20-30 minutes for an individual to complete. All questions must be answered in a single session (there is no way to save a partially completed survey and return to it later). Personal survey results are totally anonymous. However, your congregation will receive a composite score showing the average of all completed surveys, along with a breakdown of specific strength levels for each health factor. As many individuals as you want to invite can participate in your local church's survey—whether it is just your leadership team (such as staff, board members and key leaders), a larger representative group, or your whole congregation.

More About CHP

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  • Free for partnering denominations.
  • Other users pay only $79 per survey for an unlimited number of participants.


  • Increased Self-Awareness
    Local leaders and members know their church best. We all have blind spots, though, and even areas of denial that prevent us from achieving our full potential. CHP opens eyes and generates honest conversations about how to be and do our best for God's kingdom.
  • Strategic Guidance
    Accurate information is necessary to make wise decisions and strategize for future growth and missional effectiveness. CHP provides leaders with objective input for developing future ministry priorities and plans.
  • Evaluation Benchmarks
    Encouragement comes from measurable achievements. Knowing where you are now, where you want to go, and having a way to gauge progress and determine mid-course adjustments is a leadership necessity. CHP gives your church a starting point and a way to determine results as you intentionally seek to improve missional vitality.


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