Executive Camp Director

We are looking for a visionary leader who has the gift of hospitality, a heart for service and a Kingdom mindset. This position is responsible for the overall operations and vision of Fairmount Campground Event and Retreat Center. This includes the oversight of customer service and marketing, raising funds and developing church engagement, administration and finance, facility management and the leading others.

At Fairmount Camp Event and Retreat Center we seek to a facility that can be used to create a great experience that becomes an avenue of possible life and heart change. We are growing into a year-round facility that is developing our rental capacity and are looking at developing more programs and opportunities our local churches, area businesses, and the community. We are looking for a motivational leader who can process immediate needs while keeping the larger mission and vision of the camp within view.

Responsibility Breakdown:

1. Responsible for the oversight and development of the camp.

  • Finance:
    • Maintain financial records related to budgets, fundraisers, donor contributions, and the like through QuickBooks.
    • Develop systems and give direction to methods the camp can raise funds, expand its ministries, and run more efficiently.
  • Public Relations:
    • Advance existing relationships, while cultivating new relationships, with stakeholders, churches, businesses, donors, and community members.
    • Oversee and assist in the marketing, fundraising, and communication with stakeholders, churches, businesses, donors, and community members.
  • Building and Grounds:
    • Manage and direct the work of our Facilities Manager to maintain the day-to-day operations of facility maintenance & development.
    • Manage and direct the work of our Grounds Manager in keeping the grounds manicured and presentable.
  • Administration:
    • Oversee the work of the Office Administrative Assistant.
    • Provide oversight for all scheduling, logistics, and staff management related to guest groups and events (conferences, retreats, camps, meetings, banquets, etc.).
  • Programming:
    • Work with established camp committees, event committees, and activity groups as a camp liaison.
    • Nurture the development of new programs, events, and engagement opportunities for the future livelihood of the camp.

2. Working with the Marketing/Fundraising Committee to create and implement a marketing, fundraising, and communication plan for the campground.

  • Find ways to design, produce, and distribute promotional tools and materials to existing and potential participants.
  • Oversee the social media and communication aspects of the marketing strategy.
  • Engage ongoing fundraising and donor relationships to enhance ministry possibilities.
  • Create partnerships with local churches.

3. Assist in developing and the implementation camp programming.

  • Design and implement new programs and events.
  • Serve as the lead person to connect resources with specific programs.
  • Manage the registration process & assist in the budget making practice for camp programming.

Qualifications/Skills Needed

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience.
  • Managerial experience that included supervision of staff and oversight of budgets.
  • Demonstrated effective skills in supervision, organizational systems, camp program development, and financial management.
  • Able to develop and implement curriculum that stays true to The Wesleyan Church.
  • Skilled in customer service, large and small group communications, leadership, fundraising, and group work with adults, teens and children.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office, QuickBooks and other computer programs necessary to perform the duties of the job.
  • Able to effectively communicate with: program committees, staff, volunteers, group leaders, group participants, campers, parents, stakeholders, donors, and camp leadership.
  • Experience in hiring, training, and supervising volunteers and staff to achieve a motivated, skilled workforce.
  • Creative, motivated, and able to manage deadlines.
  • Committed to keep the camp in compliance with all state and local laws and codes.
  • Willing to learn and stay current with trends and styles of the industry through attending classes, seminars, and conferences.

Qualities Needed:

  • Spiritual and emotional maturity.
  • Genuine love and concern for others.
  • An out-of-the-box problem solver.
  • Willingness to serve and to perform tasks beyond those assigned.
  • Conservative spender.
  • Ability to get along with and motivate others to fulfill responsibilities.
  • Dependability and punctuality.
  • Demonstrates a joy for life.
  • Physical stamina.
  • Exhibits a positive and flexible attitude with working with others.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Neat, professional appearance.
  • Ability to handle and resolve conflicts.

Working Conditions:

Ability to walk, stand, bend squat, climb, kneel and twist on an intermittent or sometimes continuous basis. Ability to grasp, push, pull and carry objects such as chairs, file cabinet drawers, boxes of food, tables, and more. Must have the ability to operate a computer, email, and telephone. Able to sit for long periods of time. Should be able to lift up to 75 lbs. Able to operate a golf cart. Able to keep the work environment clean and inviting.

Compensation: salary for the position is in the range of $35,000 - $40,000 and that housing is negotiable if needed.

Employment Type



Rev. Jeff Luedtke - Chairman of Board of Trustees


Fairmount Camp Event and Retreat Center


711 E 900 S
Fairmount, IN 46928