Pastor Appreciation

Pastor Appreciation

Anytime is a good time to express appreciation for pastors, especially during Pastor Appreciation Month in October. Every October across North America churches give focused attention to appreciating their pastors in tangible ways.

The partnership between the church body and the pastor(s) is a significant key to the effectiveness and well-being, which has direct benefits for your church. Please see our links below for some ideas and resources to offer the kind of encouragement and affirmation that will help your pastor(s) and their spouse(s) flourish and strengthen your partnership! We also want to highlight the following idea so you can begin now to plan:

Send your pastor and spouse to the 2019 Gathering. Start now to set funds aside each year to enable your pastor(s) and spouse(s) to attend The Gathering in January 2019. The response from pastors and spouses who attended in 2015 was overwhelmingly positive. They found it to be a time truly focused on the pastor's overall well-being.

Thank you for living out the words of the Apostle Paul who wisely encouraged us "to respect those who work hard among you . . . hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work" (1 Thess. 5:13-14). May God bless you lavishly for your faithful service to the church.

Together in faith, let's expect God to do great things in the coming months to affirm and appreciate the pastors and spouses of The Wesleyan Church.

2016 Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Here are 20 great ways to show appreciation to your pastor(s) for all he or she does—not just in October, but anytime throughout the year!

  1. Counseling/Coaching & Marriage Check-up. The Wesleyan Church has a unique relationship with PastorServe and SonScape Retreats. PastorServe offers pastoral counseling and coaching for clergy and spouses, while SonScape offers topnotch retreats for clergy couples. See these links for details and more options: PastorServe and SonScape Retreats
  2. Clergy Care Retreats. We want you to know that we have created some unique relationships with retreat centers for pastors, some with marriage enrichment options. They offer specific resources to maximize clergy health and effectiveness over the long haul. See our website for more details on these and other options for supporting your pastor(s):
  3. Nice Dinner. Provide a nice dinner or banquet in honor of your pastors and their spouses
  4. Daily Gift for the Month. Each day one member delivers a gift to the pastor. Choose something of special interest to the pastor such as a bag of their favorite candy, fishing lure, tickets, etc. Something personal and intimate along with a handwritten note of appreciation would be greatly appreciated
  5. Gift Baskets. Set out baskets for gifts and cards (consider a different month for each pastor!) or a large basket loaded with their favorite things.
  6. 3-day Getaway. Provide a two-night, three-day getaway for pastor & spouse to a place you know they will love.
  7. New Software. Purchase new software that will really help your pastor. For instance:
    1. Logos Bible software
    2. Right now media
    3. Google Drive space
    4. Spotify Premium
  8. New Equipment. Some examples include:
    1. Ipad
    2. Laptop
    3. Cell Phone
  9. Date Night. Make arrangements to watch the kids so the pastor and spouse can go out for the evening.
  10. Bonus. Give them a bonus and present it in church along with words of appreciation.
  11. Offer free sessions with a financial planning consultant. Provide sessions with a financial advisor who will help them budget, anticipate college education for children, and plan for retirement.
  12. Library Addition. Provide a favorite gift to add to the pastor's personal library, such as:
    1. Theological and biblical resources
    2. Leadership books
    3. Counseling resources
  13. The Gathering 2019. Begin now to set aside funds to send your pastor and spouse to The Gathering in 2019. The Gathering is a once-every-four-year event designed to encourage Wesleyan pastors. It is never too late to begin to plan and to show appreciation!
  14. Car Repair. Offer to take care of a significant repair or other transportation needs.
  15. Continuing Education. Offer financial assistance to further the pastor's education.
  16. Gifts for Pastor's Children. Present gift certificates for the children of pastors to their favorite store.
  17. Fitbit. A great idea for helping your pastor maintain physical health by tracking anything from steps, heart rate, sleep, calories, and more.
  18. House Cleaning. Go as a group or hire a professional to care for the house inside and out. Consider a house washing, vehicle detailing, lawn maintenance, window cleaning and more.
  19. Invite the kids on an outing. The next time you are going somewhere fun with your family, invite the pastor's children along. They would appreciate this hospitality as much as their children.
  20. Pay for a gym membership. Gym memberships might be out of the range of many pastors. The gift of a gym membership can lead to greater health, vitality, and community connection.

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