TFI addresses economic challenges facing Wesleyan clergy. Thriving clergy display well-being spiritually, emotionally, relationally, physically, intellectually, and financially.

But, do you know the most common financial challenges facing clergy?

Neither did we until we surveyed our pastors and discovered that the typical Wesleyan pastor...

  • Has moderate financial stress
  • Has no supplemental savings for retirement
  • Has not been able to take vacation or retreat due to time or money
  • Has no emergency savings
  • Has medical expense concerns
  • Believes there is limited ability for future income increase
  • Struggles with education expense (their own school debt and their children's college costs)
  • Reports diminished ministry capacity because of economic challenges

Although many families face similar concerns, the current and future earning potential of pastors frequently means that it is especially difficult for clergy to meet unexpected expenses, build savings, or pay off debt. Clergy economic challenges also diminish the quality of ministry by both the pastor and the local church. By reducing the negative effects of pastors' economic challenges, the TFI helps make it possible for clergy to develop enhanced holistic health that increases energy, optimism, and effectiveness in ministry. The Thrive Financial Initiative, which is part of a larger effort in Education and Clergy Development, helps foster thriving clergy and thriving congregations who build thriving communities.

Thanks to a generous $1,000,000 grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc., we are able to address these challenges for our clergy. This site will help you understand how you and your church can participate in TFI.

Watch this 5 minute video to hear how TFI helped pastor Eric and his congregation.
Watch this 5 minute video to learn more about TFI
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Here's how to get started!

Local Church Thrive Teams from Wesleyan districts participating in TFI may register to use the Thrive Team Resource Center and be eligible for a matching grant. The Local Church Thrive Team consists of the pastor and two key lay leaders. So, recruit your team members, and register using the link at the upper left of this page. Then, use the link in the upper right of this page to access the Thrive Team Resource Center. Using the Resource Center, the team will complete personal reflection guides and partner reflection guides leading to a well-being development plan (WDP) for supporting the pastor and enhancing ministry in the church. Teams will have until April 30 each year to complete their plan and file their report requesting a matching grant. Your district coordinator can help you with your questions.

From Our Premier Partners - Resources that anyone can use!

Thrive Teams will find the specific resources they must complete identified in the Thrive Team Resource Center. However, even pastors and lay leaders not participating in TFI can use these financial resources to enhance ministry and improve their personal financial management skill. Keep checking back, we'll keep adding material as we build new partnerships!

Hope For Pastors

A Collaborative Approach to Clergy Financial Health by Mark Rennaker

From education debt to underfunded pensions, housing needs, and unreimbursed business expenses, pastors face many economic challenges. Written to raise awareness and help start conversations about pastors' financial concerns, the book traces the development and lessons of the HOPE Project, a multi-year research and relief effort that has changed the lives of pastors, revitalized churches, and resulted in the transformation of communities.

God Owns It All

Finding Contentment and Confidence in your finances by Ron Blue

God Owns It All tackles the money question we all ask: How much is enough? With over four decades of experience in the financial-services industry, Ron Blue presents financial principles that are affirmed by the authority of Scripture and tested by the marketplace. The kit includes 2 DVDs and 1 study guide. Additional study guides are also available so that you can use the materials for group study.

Master Your Money

A Step-by-Step Plan for Gaining and Enjoying Financial Freedom by Ron Blue

Combining the Bible's timeless principles on money and stewardship with trusted, comprehensive advice for getting your finances in order, Ron Blue teaches you how to: (1) Understand your current financial situation, (2) Design a long-term, workable financial plan, (3) Spend, give, save, and invest wisely, (4) Get out of debt - and much, much more.

Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

ECFA provides many resources for churches and non-profits.

ECFA resources include Knowledge Center documents, eBooks, governance resources, Podcasts, webinars, surveys, and more. You can sign up for monthly news, up to date resources and information about webinars. ECD and TFI have partnered with ECFA to bring you a free subscription ($199 per person subscription value!). Sign up for your free subscription to the latest resources.

Christianity Today's Church Law & Tax

Church Law and Tax provides many resources to help keep your church safe, legal, and financially sound.

The Church Law & Tax website provides access to reports, newsletters, blogs, and a library of helpful material. The Church Law & Tax Team of Christianity Today needs your participation in the 2017 National Church Compensation Survey. By taking the survey you'll help yourself and churches throughout America set fair compensation for pastors and staff.

National Association of Evangelicals

Financial health for all - Solutions for pastors and churches.

The NAE financial health for all site provides resources to help you improve the financial health of your family and church. Resources include solutions for: personal finances, church generosity, and pastor compensation.